Troglodyte the Neanderthal (DJ Trog)



Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Troglodyte has had a lifelong passion for music for as far back as he can remember. Still in high school, Trog bought his first DJ set up in 1998 after attending a Mystik Journeymen (Living Legends Crew/West-coast Hip-Hop Group) concert at the Washington University college campus venue called The Gargoyle.

In 2001 Trog purchased a MPC2000XL from a friend that was moving to Seattle and was introduced to DJ Solo, who managed the St. Louis headquarters of the Chicago based company, which specialized in urban music marketing and promotions. Trog interned at Chrew'd Marketing and Promotions (formally known as Blue Concept) to get his hands on records that supplied the St. Louis/East St. Louis radio DJ's and club DJ's from major and independent labels. This was a great networking opportunity with artists, A&R's, and other important people in the industry and a very interesting transition time for the music business.


Sharpening his craft during his time at Chrew'd (2001-2004), DJ Trog started getting gigs at rave parties and clubs. Trog started filling in at The Science, a weekly Friday night live hip-hop broadcast from The Duck Room (basement venue of Blueberry Hill where Chuck Berry also performed once a month for many years) on non-profit radio station 88.1 KDHX. Trog had a few resident DJ nights at other clubs/bars around town such as The Red Sea, The Upstairs Lounge, Niks Wine Bar, The Delmar Lounge, The Halo Bar, The Pageant, Cicero's, Hi-Pointe Cafe, and Velvet Club.


Trog went on to back rapper; Nite Owl as DJ alongside a full, live band and later DJ exclusively for Jia Davis (Bits N Pieces/The Committee) The Perfect Strangers (Gage, Capo, SV) and formed hip-hop collective of the fore-mentioned artists, and re-branded under the name of 4 $ale But Not 4 $ale.

DJ Trog has opened for acts such as Del The Funkee Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, The X-Ecutioners (The X-Men), Shyheim The Rugged Child (Wu-Tang Clan affiliate), Percee P, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Blueprint, Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude, CunninLynguists, Count Bass D, and Homeboy Sandman.


Fast forward to 2018, DJ Trog started putting out monthly Indie Hip-Hop DJ mixes. He started his publishing company, Rhythmic Elixir LLC as an outlet to get music he has been producing out in the world and heard. Now going by the producer name, Troglodyte the Neanderthal, he hopes to work with artists he is a fan of as well as new, up and coming artists.


DJ Trog (Troglodyte the Neanderthal) specializes in playing quality music that doesn’t get maximum exposure, making sure great music that isn’t getting its fair share of airplay still has a platform to be heard.